Looking for ways to make sense of the massive data in your system? You can spot patterns and drive business decisions through our beautiful data visualization tools.

We are all visual beings who prefer pictures and illustrations over text and numbers. Our systems churn huge amount of backend data, which can all be pieced together into charts, maps and graphs to find outliers or spot trends.

Our approach

Exploratory Analysis

KPI Reporting

Real Time Dashboards

Statistical Modeling

Our approach

We offer wide range of BI Services from sourcing to presenting your most sought-after data, help uncover wealth of insights on business development, marketing, customer experience, human resource management, performance efficiency, and more. We have delivered tailored BI solutions to enable data-driven businesses across globe

Business Use Case Initiation

Business Objectives
Data Availability
Types of Analysis/
Reports / Dashboards
Scope of Work

Data Integration

Data Requirements
Data Collection
Data Integration
Data Pipelines
Data Lineage Tracking

Data Preparation

Data Dictionaries
Filtering and
Transforming Data
Data Cleansing
Data Model – Use case fitment

Reporting / Exploratory Analysis

Tool Selection
KPI Dash Boards
Standard Reports
Analytical Dashboards
Real Time Querying/
Ad-hoc Analysis

Visualization / Insight Generation

Form Storylines
Communicates Results
Pattern Identification
Value Creation

Tools & Technologies

tibc data visualization
tableau data visualization
clear data visualization
sisense data visualization
Qlik data visualization
Dundas data visualization
Power BI data visualization
einstein data visualization
looker data visualization
pentaho data visualization

Challenges & Solutions

Make visualization insightful, not loaded with dashboards

We don’t want to use too many colors or complex charts to make it look beautiful. We optimize the elements, so it is easy to spot trends and make decisions.

Ensure relevancy to each user

We do not want to provide a blanket visualization tool for every business user. There is customization so that each user gets only dashboards relevant to them.

Create a platform independent system that is flexible

We know how you would want to work on web, mobile or apps seamlessly. We ensure that and consider data security, cloud deployment and other factors before recommending a solution

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