The client is a leading retail provider based in Australia. The collaboration of Sparity with the client leads to enhanced efficiency in real-time reporting, analytics, and performance optimization, as we have successfully initiated the Tableau to Power BI migration.

Client Retail ServicesPower BI Migration Year 2023

Key Challenges

  • Inadequate accuracy and outdated insights adversely impacted sales performance as a result of the client’s difficulty in integrating real-time sales and transaction data from its point-of-sale (POS) systems into Tableau.
  • The company was also investing excessively in support and training.
  • The client had an enormous yet complex user base and data volume. A significant number of dashboards and reports were backlogged and needed to be re-created.
  • Inefficiencies in data analytics and real-time reporting due to incomplete legacy Tableau reports that were restricted to management-level access due to security control issues.
  • Tableau is merely a visualization tool, which leads to difficulty in preprocessing and data cleansing.


tableau data visualization
Power automate


  • Our expert team was able to connect its POS systems directly to Power BI, and the platform automatically updated the sales data and order management in real time.​
  • Sparity was able to migrate its entire data set to Power BI without any performance issues. Using Power Automate, built-in features like power query with M language
  • Sparity worked closely with the client’s in-house data team and trained them in Power BI.
  • Our team successfully rebuilt the reports using DAX formulas as the client has complex datasets and did data cleansing after the migration.
  • We have addressed compatibility and quality assurance issues with rigorous testing.
  • Successfully exported the data and made it available to the entire team for tracking and monitoring with security and access controls through the Power BI service and on-premises cloud.


  • Cut down of costs by 50%
  • Training leads to the expertise of the in-house data team.
  • Enhanced real-time reporting and analytics
  • Fetching real-time data leads to optimization of sales and order performance.
  • Addressed data downtimes, efficiency, and more control over security features