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quality assurance

With cut-throat competition posed by thousands of companies vying for consumer attention, even a small glitch in a mobile or web apps can prove highly detrimental to your brand. Opt for best-in-class QA tools right from the start to leave no stone unturned.
We bring comprehensive QA testing services – manual and automated. They are reliable standard practices with a demonstrated history of delivering scalable, bug-free solutions.

What we do

Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Expect no less than a flawless performance as our QA team sifts rigorously through the user database, UX/UI, API, server hosts, and other functional aspects of the app smoothly.

Security Testing

Security Testing

Our tools test against all the potential malicious bugs or malware that may come your way uninvited. We employ risk assessment, check for vulnerabilities, and eliminate threats even before you know them.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

We mimic the user’s behavior and test the app’s real-time issues. Be it high load times, device incompatibility, or low-par performance under pressure, we got you covered at all ends.



We help you trade conventional technologies for new industry innovations. Embrace automated and frequent testing with a DevOps quality approach and achieve unparalleled efficiency.

Challenges & Solutions

Manage increased frequency of change & releases

We use agile and DevOps practices to shorten your go-to-market time and manage multiple iterations without human errors.

Reduce cost of testing without compromises in the process

We work on assessment and ROI analysis before recommending a QA framework. We help you strike a balance between quality, cost, and time.

Improve transparency and provide regular progress updates

With automated testing, we ensure better traceability and tracking. Our real-time dashboards help decision-makers gauge effort and plan for launch.

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Clients Speak

When our first version was launched, it was an instant hit but soon we realised we needed a robust technology architecture to meet the customer demands. We spent numerous hours with Sparity team discussing the current limitations of our system and the long term vision. In 6 months time, Sparity delivered an end-end solution from user centric design to a microservices based architecture that is not only robust but also scalable and flexible.

Jeff Joslin

Co-founder & CEO, Bizooku

Sparity’s deep understanding of our business and their ability to help us turn our business vision and objectives into reality has made them a valued partner and an extension of our Information Technology Department. Whether working on support or new projects, Sparity always provides excellent customer service, quality development and exceptionally fast response. Their partnership provides Boxercraft with the flexibility to scale up or down as needed and provides access to a talent pool and skill level that we cannot achieve on our own. As our business changes, Sparity changes with us.

Kathy Wooten

Director - IT, Boxercraft

Sparity has been outstanding to work with and has been instrumental in getting us onboard, taking care of our security posture on time and within budget. Their architects understand what we are trying to accomplish, why we are trying to accomplish it and go above and beyond to come up with creative ways to get to where we want to go.

John Smith


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