Uncover potential vulnerabilities
with security assessment
and planning

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Start early by assessing your complete system for possible threats. Our security assessments uncover the flaws and give you a thorough roadmap for protection.
Security Assessment

Most organizations wake up to the threats after they suffer from one. The risks of such complacent view are high as ransomware actors are opportunistic. They can increase the infection rate in no time and demand payment through unverified methods.

We help you formulate a threat prevention strategy. We run the right audit reports by you and support you with installation of security protocols that prevent security breaches. We uncover all potential threats in your complete system and provide remediation recommendations.

Why is it critical?

Security Assessment

Compromise assessment

You may be outsourcing a lot of critical operations to third-party vendors who require remote-access. They are weak points, outside your control. An attack on them can spread through your system

Security Assessment

System-wide Assessment

We do a stress-test on your complete system and that includes network security, hardware, cloud, software and processes. It covers the following:

  • IT network and connections
  • Emails, messaging and communication channels
  • On-premise IT     
  • Laptops, routers, servers
  • Software licenses
  • Applications, databases
  • IT Processes

We suggest access controls, device management policies, firewalls, patches, encryptions and more to cover you end to end.

Challenges & Solutions

Install patches without affecting stability of the network

Very often new security patches are not installed to avoid unavailability or instability. We help you install upgrades without outrages or downtimes affecting productivity.

Allow flexibility
to users but have complete network security visibility

Work from home or access to vendors are common policies with progressive organizations. However, unhappy or unfamiliar users can put the entire network at risk by installing unmanaged software. We help you watch over and train these users.

Protect the systems from
past as well as
future malwares

It is possible to guard against all known threats but how do you protect against future possibilities? We help you run simulations. We also take blue and red team testing to predict the system’s ability to combat new threats.

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