Client is a rapidly growing e-commerce company specializing in selling consumer electronics and gadgets. With a diverse product range and a substantial customer base, they heavily rely on data insights to drive marketing strategies, optimize inventory management, and improve customer engagement. Partnered with Sparity to enhance their data analytics capabilities.

ClientE-Commerce PlatformServicesQlikView to Power BI Migration
Year 2024

Client Challenges

  • While QlikView served as a reliable BI tool for client in the initial stages of their growth, as their operations expanded, they encountered several challenges:
  • They experienced performance bottlenecks and limitations in handling large volumes of data, impacting the speed and efficiency of their analytics processes.
  • The user interface of QlikView was deemed complex and less intuitive, hindering widespread adoption among business users who required actionable insights.
  • Integrating QlikView with other data sources and platforms posed challenges, limiting the company’s ability to create a unified view of their data landscape.




  • Conducted a thorough analysis of existing QlikView reports, dashboards, and data models to identify dependencies and migration requirements. Defined a QlikView to Power BI migration roadmap outlining timelines, resources, and success metrics.
  • We cleaned and transformed existing data to ensure compatibility with Power BI’s data structure and visualization requirements. Established data governance policies and security measures.
  • Utilized automated migration tools and scripts to transfer QlikView artifacts to Power BI, including reports, dashboards, and data connections. Conducted rigorous testing to validate the accuracy and functionality of the data.
  • Provided comprehensive training sessions to business users and stakeholders on navigating Power BI, creating custom reports, and leveraging advanced analytics features. Encouraged user feedback and continuous improvement.
  • Offered ongoing technical support and troubleshooting assistance to address any issues or challenges encountered post-migration. Monitored performance metrics and user satisfaction levels.


  • Power BI’s capabilities and optimized data models resulted in faster query execution and improved report rendering times, enabling real-time decision-making.
  • The user-friendly interface and interactive visualizations of Power BI increased user adoption across the client, empowering business users to explore data independently and derive actionable insights.
  • The ability of Power BI to integrate with a wide range of data sources made it easier to create complete analytics solutions that offered a comprehensive picture of corporate operations.
  • Power BI’s cloud-based architecture enabled client to scale their capabilities to accommodate future growth and changing business requirements with the QlikView to Power BI Migration.