It is never too late to start scanning your systems for potential threats and vulnerabilities. We can help you assess weaknesses and guard against them on an on-going basis.

The increased volume of IT operations and the constant pressure to speed time-to-market has resulted in bypassing security best practices. It sure is unintentional but it can cause huge losses in the long run. Organizations have had to pay large sums to recover their data from hackers.

Sparity can help organizations map potential attack surfaces and high-risk points on a continuous basis to safeguard against threats and vulnerabilities. We ascertain both, internal and external threat avenues to secure your systems thoroughly.

Our Differentiators


Vendors have remote-access to your systems

You may be outsourcing a lot of critical operations to third-party vendors who require remote-access. They are weak points, outside your control. An attack on them can spread through your system.


Employees working from home may not always follow protocol.

Are they using licensed OS at home? It is important that you extend your visibility up to every end-point. The system also needs to be geared to handle remote incidence response in case of an attack.


Your system may be outdated

Most reputed vendors continuously access their software’s and release new security patches from time to time. Your organization is at risk if these upgrades are not done. Authentications must also be reset whenever a threat is detected.

How do we do it


User awareness training

We solve the issue at the root by training employees working from home, contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders in managing Wi-Fi, mobile devices, email, connected devices, servers and clouds in a prescribed manner to close all threat points.


Red & Blue team testing

Just as they do in military, the red team tries to attack something intentionally and the blue team tries to defend it. We play these roles to understand the readiness of the system and how fortified it is.


Human based threat hunting

We deploy top security professionals to continuously detect and isolate threats that seep through automated security systems. It is pro-active step to avoid desperate measures at a later stage.


Cyber-attack simulation

We use our threat intelligence to identify the likely attacker. We then run simulations with the attackers’ tools to check vulnerabilities in your system. It is a preventive measure which helps save huge costs later.


Penetration testing

We use both – automated and manual methods to evaluate your systems. We provide risk prioritization and mitigation recommendations. The audits and assessments give you a holistic view of your processes.