Scale Insurance services to
new heights with
digital transformation

Move legacy systems to the right digital architecture and technology for unmatched growth. Let us assist you.

Insurance industry is highly regulated and comes with a mix of legacy systems. It is important, more than ever to apply data science for risk modelling and managing assets. Customers also need better experiences through personalized policyholder apps and platforms. Innovate without fears of cyber security or privacy violations.

We assess your objectives and help you build a strategic roadmap for a phased transformation. We also help you with build-operate-transfer models for a smooth transition.

How can we help?

Build digital insurance platforms

Move from the traditional paper-pen norms to new age onboarding, ticketing and support systems. We can build apps for connectivity, sales and support to give you that edge.

Embrace cloud technology

Don’t take a fragmented approach. Let us help you with an enterprise-wide cloud migration. We can implement agile frameworks to complete a mammoth task that can take years within months or weeks.

Implement data science

AI, ML and advanced analytics can be used to structure new insurance products. Through feedback mechanism we can circle data back for improvisations and better consumer experiences.

Ensure data security

The insurance industry deals with sensitive medical data and it is critical to keep the data secure. We help you build data security into all apps right from the start. We also ensure disaster recovery, threat assessment and continuous monitoring.

Use cases


Risk modelling

Create new offerings based on data and risk assessments. Market them to the right customer base through better profiling. Use the power of data for business intelligence and smarter decisions.


Mobility solutions

Let your field force and agents work with apps and platforms that fetch data and run calculations in no time. Bring power of integrated technology for better sales and customer support.


Agile systems

Business leaders in insurance industry are hesitant to take giant leaps towards digital transformation due to massive legacy data. We help you overcome the limitations by introducing agile processes and proven frameworks.

Target skillset/Offerings