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About Sparity telecom Expertise

Sparity Telecom boasts a team of experts passionate about crafting future-proof telecom solutions. Their deep understanding of next-gen technologies like high-speed internet, unified communications, and cloud services empowers them to design plans that perfectly match your business needs. They don't just offer services; they translate your vision into a reality, ensuring seamless communication, unparalleled reliability, and a foundation for growth.

How can we help?

Create a demand-side & supply-side platform

Whether it is an inventory management system, a sales CRM or an e-commerce app, we help you build the right digital solutions for your needs. We involve you in critical COTS and RPA decisions to ensure you put the right pieces together.

Deploy the entire system on cloud

We have the capability to envision and deploy organization wide data to cloud, with minimum or no disruptions. Trust us on guiding you with the right cloud strategy and enablement.

Leverage the power of data

Retail industry can gain a huge competitive edge by predicting demand at SKU level, sending personalized offers and customizing the entire shopping experience. We help you transform this vision into reality with the power of AI & ML.

Build a secure environment

Digitalization comes with its very own challenges in terms of security threats, GDPR compliance and PCI standards. We help you protect your customer data and your critical business information with continuous assessments and always-on eyes.

Use cases


Multi-channel retail platform

Whether it is stock, staff or customers, make every node meet and ensure seamless communication between offline and online systems. We help you envision large-scale platforms for scale.


Predictive models

The complexity of retail across SKUs and touchpoints can be simplified with data science and data engineering. Make decision-making swift with business intelligence.


Point of sale excellence

The retail staff can help customers shortlist through digital apps and offer personalized recommendations in future visits. Right from storing card preferences to extending loyalty program can be tied in seamlessly.

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