What we do

Magneto for e-commerce

Magneto for e-commerce

The intuitive and versatile CMS, the mobile-ready configuration, powerful infrastructure, easy third-party integrations and other advanced Magneto features help our clients launch online stores in no time.

Workday for HCM

Workday for HCM

Right from compensation to time tracking and payroll, Workday puts organizations ahead of the curve. We help our clients customize it for a skill-based talent strategy, people analytics and automation.

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems

Clients who churn large amounts of content, need ways to have version control, author management, publishing ease and so on. We use leading CMS systems to help put the best practices in place.

Rocket Chat for Text Communication

Rocket Chat for Text Communication & Collaboration

When our clients want to improve team productivity, we recommend a Rocket Chat enabled solution. It helps control communication, manage data and empower collaboration with real-time chat and conferencing.


WebRTC for Communication (Audio, Video & Messaging)

WebRTC is a leading tool to enable real-time communication between browsers and devices. We can help customize or integrate it into your systems to help you with better peer-to-peer communication.

Challenges & Solutions

Develop new software without cost escalations

COTS vendors spread their costs across customers, reducing TCO (total cost of ownership) for each. The ROI is also much higher as we access fitment and implement the best match.

Implement a full-stack high functionality app at low cost

Most COTS solutions come with high-end features which are expensive to develop if we go the custom way. Borrowing them is prudent. We recommend COTS also because it gives you features you don’t envision now but may need in future.

Reduce the time-to-market as well as the development cycle

When you rush to develop apps, they may have bugs and testing eats into the launch time. Using a mature COTS cuts down these steps and lets you go live with quick modifications and adaptations.

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