Accelerate innovation
with new-age
manufacturing practices

Enhance customer experience and improve efficiencies with Sparity’s technology solutions.

Gone are the days when manufacturers spent months going through designing, prototyping and testing stages. The fast-moving consumer is constantly demanding product augmentations and releases. The ability to disrupt, re-invent and innovate fast brings a unique competitive advantage.

We can help you with the much-needed digital transformation for operational efficiency and faster time to market.

How can we help?

Digitalize for virtual product experiences
Give your customers a glimpse of the products through digital designs and virtual walk throughs. We can build an app or platform for a two-way communication with customers.
Enable connectivity with cloud infrastructure
Manufacturing processes have a complex ecosystem with everyone from factories to suppliers and customers involved. Bring it all together on a scalable and secure platform.
Leverage data for QA
Products built on an assembly line have to be constantly monitored and fed back for QA. With data science and engineering best practices, we can in automation and greater quality control.
Secure patented and private data
The design specs, product formulations and other IP data needs to be secured. We help you implement data security best practices.

Use cases


Smart offerings for customers

Wow your customers by adopting wireless connectivity, IoT and cloud technology, making products inter-connected with everyday devices.

Shop floor analytics

Use the power of data to make your plant operations efficient and agile. With zero errors, lower downtime and increased productivity gain an edge over competition.


Accelerated R&D

We can help you bring organization-wide data online for modelling using data science and analytics. With powerful business intelligence, get ready to speed up innovation.

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