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It is never too late to start scanning your systems for potential threats and vulnerabilities. We can help you assess weaknesses and guard against them on an on-going basis.
Data Security

Are you aware about all data sources within your organization, where they reside and how they are protected currently? As enterprises grow, they start losing track of the numerous documents, images, sensor data and so on.

We can help you identify all the data sitting in various systems, assign access levels, protect sensitive data and keep a continuous watchful eye. Whether it is encryption, cryptography or cloud security, we cover data security at all levels.

Why is it critical?

Data Security

Regulatory requirement

If you are dealing with sensitive data or personal data, various laws and regulations require you to secure it. EU GDPR puts huge fine in case privacy is breached.

Data Security

Third-party risks

As organizations go global, there are numerous local vendors and partners who gain remote access to provide their services. With limited governance, each party puts the entire network at risk.

Data Security

Disconnected teams

The internal structure of organizations is not tightly knit. Each team works in their own silos, creating dark spaces. There is no centralized process that gives complete view and visibility of the entire system.

Data Security


There are groups who operate in this space and use their network to increase infection rate at a very fast pace. They demand payments in Bitcoins and exploit the situation. Right from brand loss to financial loss, the stakes are too high to be ignored.

What we do

Data Security


It starts with data discovery and identification. Each data is put into buckets based on the risk profile. We then help you select the right technology and tools to protect it. We also put processes for continuous compliance and audits.

Data Security


We identify data owners and get them all under one umbrella policy to eliminate risks that come from silos. We train them and provide a roadmap for transformation into a security-first organization.
Data Security

Managed services

We can deploy a team of specialists for various tasks – data loss prevention, data encryption, data masking and so on. We can help you protect sensitive data with the most advanced tools and processes.

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