The client is a leading pharmaceutical company that struggled with computational challenges disrupting their daily workflows and high infrastructure costs, prompting a migration to the cloud with a focus on data integrity. Sparity has successfully initiated the cloud migration for pharma client, ensuring a seamless transition without disruptions to critical research developments.

ClientPharmaceutical companyServicesCloud Migration for Pharma
Year 2024

Client Challenges

Data Security and Compliance: The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated, and the company faced the challenge of ensuring that sensitive research data and proprietary formulas remained secure.

Scalability and Flexibility: Their team required significant computational resources, especially for molecular modeling and simulation. The on-premises data center had limitations in scalability, making it challenging to handle peak workloads efficiently.

Cost Management: Running an on-premises data center for drug discovery activities was costly, both in terms of infrastructure maintenance and energy consumption, needed to optimize costs while maintaining the required computational power.

Integration with Existing Systems: The client had a complex ecosystem of applications, databases, and tools used in their drug discovery pipeline. Ensuring integration with cloud services without disrupting ongoing research activities was a significant challenge.

Risk Mitigation: Any downtime or data loss during the process could have severe consequences for ongoing drug discovery projects. They needed a robust risk mitigation strategy to minimize disruptions and ensure the continuity of research efforts.



  • We Conducted a thorough analysis of the existing on-premises infrastructure, identifying computational challenges and cost-intensive components.
  • Developed a detailed plan of Azure cloud migration for pharma standards, ensuring alignment with data security, compliance, and seamless integration requirements, along with encryption and access controls.
  • Our team Migrated molecular modeling and simulation processes to Azure’s cloud-based resources for enhanced scalability.
  • Utilized Azure’s auto-scaling capabilities to dynamically adjust resources based on workload fluctuations.
  • Developed a phased integration plan for smooth collaboration between on-premises and Azure-based systems, as well as middleware and APIs to facilitate seamless data exchange.
  • Sparity Established a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy, incorporating Azure’s backup and disaster recovery mechanisms.
  • Executed extensive testing at each migration phase to minimize downtime and data loss risks.
  • Executed the migration plan with a focus on Azure’s services, closely monitoring data integrity and system performance.
  • We also Ensured continuous access to critical research data during the migration process.
  • Conducted post-migration validation to confirm the successful transition to Azure.


Enhanced Data Security and Compliance: Encryption and access controls helped ensure that sensitive research data and proprietary formulas remained secure, meeting industry regulations and standards.

Improved Scalability and Flexibility: Auto-scaling capabilities allow the company to handle peak workloads efficiently, ensuring that researchers have the computational power they need.

Cost Optimization: Moving away from an on-premises data center to Azure’s cloud environment resulted in significant cost savings by 45%

Disaster recovery & Risk Mitigation: Cloud migration for pharma client equipped them with disaster recovery and able to handle any potential downtime.