Client is an E- Commerce giant, was facing challenges with manual testing along with deployment processes. Sparity Migrated a non-AWS solution, streamlined management, and improved client onboarding with AWS automation.

Client E-commerceServices DevOps & CI/CD Year 2024

Key Challenges

  • The client faced challenges with slow manual testing and deployment processes, hindering rapid feature delivery.
  • Intense competition in the market emphasized the need for quicker releases.
  • Manual deployment inefficiencies impacted agility, and quality concerns prompted a re-evaluation of the development approach.




  • We conducted an extensive analysis of the existing manual testing and deployment processes to identify specific bottlenecks that were causing delays and quality issues.
  • A DevOps solution was proposed, emphasizing the significance of continuous integration and continuous deployment CI CD pipeline for automation.
  • Jenkins was employed for building and automating the CI CD pipeline, while Maven was incorporated for project management and build automation.
  • SonarQube was integrated for continuous code quality inspection.
  • Argo and Kubernetes were implemented for continuous deployment and container orchestration, respectively. Docker was utilized to package dependencies and simplify deployment processes.
  • MongoDB was integrated into the CI CD pipeline to facilitate automated database deployments.
  • Monitoring tools such as AWS CloudWatch were implemented to track application performance and detect issues early on.
  • Training sessions were conducted by Sparity to familiarize teams with DevOps practices and tools.


  • Implementation of CI CD pipeline leads to quicker feature releases and bug fixes, expediting development cycles.
  • Fostered teamwork, reducing errors, and enhancing overall software performance.​
  • Gained a competitive edge by consistently outpacing competitors, ensuring timely, high-quality deployments, and elevating customer satisfaction.