The client was a leading lottery organization with a wide range of lottery games. Sparity made significant efforts to enhance efficiency and scalability by migrating their SSIS-based ETL workflows to AWS.

ClientLottery firmServices AWS Migration Year 2024

Key Challenges

  • Client faced high maintenance costs and upgrades burdened on premises infrastructure.
  • Client struggled with On premises SSIS lacking scalability as data volumes increased.
  • Inefficient resource utilization hampered on premises handling of data processing demands.


aws Glue
Amazon redshift
AWS step function


  • Our team Evaluated on premises infrastructure SSIS limitations in scalability and cost analysis for maintenance and upgrades.
  • We Provisioned scalable AWS infrastructure, leveraging Amazon S3 for storage scalability.
  • The migration transitioned existing SSIS packages to AWS infrastructure while adapting and refactoring workflows to ensure optimal cloud performance.
  • Integrated AWS database services, including Amazon Redshift, to leverage the advantages of a cloud-native data warehousing solution
  • Employed AWS Glue for data transformation and Ensured streamlined ETL processes with serverless Glue jobs.
  • Sparity Implemented AWS Step Functions for workflow automation and ETL tasks for improved efficiency and reliability.
  • Validated the migrated environment, trained the IT team, and provided ongoing support, addressing post-migration issues for effective management.
  • Documented the whole process and Provided training to the client’s team on managing AWS infrastructure.


  • Enhanced scalability and performance to handle growing data volumes
  • Reduced infra cost with pay-as-you-go pricing model​
  • Allowed the client to proactively troubleshoot issues and ensure the integrity of their data pipelines.