Client is a revenue cycle management firm based out of USA, helping healthcare practices, clinics streamline and maximize revenue while ensuring timely and accurate billing, coding, and reimbursement process. Sparity partnered with them in developing a next-gen data analytics platform​ empowering independent practice management systems.

ClientRCM FirmServicesData engineering, Data VisualizationYear 2023

Key Challenges

  • Client faced challenges integrating diverse EDI data sets, including 837 and 835 transactions, from partner practice management systems.
  • As they handle large volumes of data, they wanted to have a platform with efficient data processing and analytics capabilities while maintaining optimal performance.​
  • Additionally, the goal was to provide actionable insights to independent practice management systems to reduce costs.


power bi
amazon redshift
Amazon Glue


  • Our team developed a robust data aggregation tool for seamless integration and analysis of diverse EDI data sets.
  • To ensure scalability, we harnessed the power of AWS Redshift, serving as a dynamic data storage and analysis tool.
  • Facilitated smooth data ingestion using Amazon Glue, effortlessly handling a wide range of EDI datasets, such as 837, 835, and 270/271 transactions.
  • By establishing a unified data infrastructure, we provided a holistic view of the revenue cycle, enabling comprehensive analysis.
  • We empowered our client with Power BI in creating insightful reports and visualizations that drive informed decision-making.
  • Showcased key performance indicators by creating tailored reports and intuitive dashboards.


  • Our solution provided them with a real-time KPI visibility, reduced claim denials, expedited payments, and improved billing accuracy.
  • Enhanced patient outcomes by alleviating administrative burdens.
  • This transformation not only revolutionized the healthcare industry but also ushered in a new era of cost savings and operational efficiency.