A national leader in Acute Care based in U.S. having offices in more than 15 countries across the world was looking at migrating to cloud from on-premises for several reasons including compliance and costs.

Sparity had been in talks with CIO with their vision combined with Sparity’s technology expertise, they have assigned responsibility the initiative to migrate most of their customer facing systems to cloud for better availability of data even during peak times.

ClientHealthcareServicesCloud MigrationYear 2022

Key Challenges

  • High maintenance costs for upgrading and patching the on-prem system
  • Automating security processes & setting security configuration parameters in cloud instances
  • Scalability issues affected the company’s ability to address customer queries, and this forced them to move to cloud
  • Needed consultation for evaluation of tools and approaches for cloud adaptation


  • Sparity after assessments and review, the team came up with a proposal to migrate the on-premises hosted application to AWS, as the internal servers were unable to handle the speed at which data needs to be delivered
  • Proposed lift and shift migration to move their existing web apps from on-premises to AWS with zero downtime at launch
  • Migrated web application to AWS Elastic Beanstalk with auto scaling and load balancing
  • Made use of PowerShell scripts and moved files from NFS to the S3 storage in AWS
  • Took the backup of on-premise database and restored it to SQL Server on EC2 instance
  • Performed disaster recovery of the database in case any disaster occurs and made the database available in different regions
  • Leveraged AWS Code Pipeline to automate release pipelines for fast and reliable application and infrastructure updates


  • Reduced the overall IT infrastructure costs by migrating the applications to cloud
  • Cost-efficient, on-demand solution on AWS platform with more than 75% overall savings
  • Standardized security services across different geo-based cloud accounts
  • Enhanced security with 24×7 security monitoring & incident management services
  • Highly available application for the user during peak time
  • Automatic failover of the database in case of any disaster
  • No manual setup and monitoring of the servers required as the same is taken care of by AWS
  • Automated infrastructure provisioning to achieve standardization and avoid human errors