Sparity crafted a cloud migration strategy for a leading bank. Engaging with us to revolutionize their IT infrastructure, the client faced challenges spanning legacy systems to scalability. Sparity’s sophisticated approach paved the way for seamless transformation.

Client Bank Services Cloud Migration Year 2023

Key Challenges

  • Client indulgence in legacy systems leads to high maintenance challenges and increased costs.
  • Physical servers poses ongoing difficulties and escalate operational expenses, needed a smooth cloud migration strategy.
  • Client scalability challenges, particularly during peak times when huge transactions taking place, demanding a carefully orchestrated migration strategy.
  • Stringent banking regulations and the necessity to protect sensitive data added complexity to ensuring a secure and compliant cloud environment.


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  • After a careful analysis, Sparity suggested cloud migration strategy.
  • Used AWS Migration Hub for infrastructure analysis for server data, and improvement report.
  • Employed AWS services for scalable, secure architecture to meet banking industry needs with high availability.
  • Used AWS Database Migration Service (EC2, RDS, VPC) for seamless data migration.
  • Our team Conducted pre-migration assessments and ensured ongoing data integration.
  • We successfully Configured and executed migration tasks, ensuring ongoing data integration.
  • Implemented AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) for secure access and utilized AWS KMS for encryption.
  • Configured CloudTrail for logging and monitoring.
  • We Leveraged Terraform for infrastructure as code to automate resource provisioning.
  • Used Ansible for configuration management, ensuring reproducibility.
  • Implemented auto-scaling and load balancing for resource optimization.


  • Realized a 30% reduction in IT infrastructure costs through cloud service optimization.
  • Achieved a 50% increase in transaction handling capacity during peak periods, ensuring customer experience.
  • Reduced security incidents by 40%, safeguarding sensitive customer data, meeting compliance requirements, and enhancing the bank’s reputation.
  • Streamlined processes resulted in a 25% improvement in overall operational efficiency, translating into faster response times by reducing downtimes.