Boomi Integration Accelerates e-commerce company’s Supply Chain

Sparity helped the E-commerce company address their inefficiencies and improve their business processes, order system, inventory, and supply chain by designing an end-to-end data management solution using Boomi iPaaS platform

About Company

A US-based e-commerce company that sells a wide range of quality products offers a seamless online shopping experience for its customer base. Its online platform connects local stores with customers for fast delivery of products to the customer’s doorstep at affordable prices. This e-commerce company brings high-quality and reliable products across the digital marketplace, with constant product updates and a host of new features give shoppers a more interactive online shopping experience. From daily deals to fast delivery, it is one of the and fastest growing e-commerce retailers.

Boomi Integration accelerates Supply Chain management


The Ecommerce company approached Sparity to help them with the inefficiencies in their business processes, ordering system, inventory, and supply chain. Sparity acted quickly, aligned inventory, streamlined its supply-chain processes, integrated key business systems to reduce manual work and automate workflows, and offered seamless cross-platform data management with the Dell Boomi e-commerce platform. 


Faced issues with data management and needed a solution to integrate the data in their architecture since they had various versions of master data entities in multiple systems. Manual intervention, delayed business operations, lack of collaboration, and error handling system caused due to slower legacy system hindered their growth. Faced data synchronization problem due to integration issues with ERP and CRM platform. Lacked synchronization between website and warehouses, thereby stock information could be inaccurate, and orders were often out of sync with the inventory. 


Boomi Integration accelerates Supply Chain management

Integrated Netsuite with Magneto
using Dell Boomi iPaaS platform to control
their business operations efficiently.

Boomi Integration accelerates Supply Chain management

Installed Boomi Molecule on On-Prem VMs & Cloud Instances
for load balancing and ensure high availability at mission-critical integration processes.

Boomi Integration accelerates Supply Chain management

Enabling Azure Identity Management for
Boomi Developer Portal for applying
flow authentication restrictions.

Boomi Integration accelerates Supply Chain management

Implemented transformation logic using
Mapping sheet to consolidate information from
different data points easily.


Designed, architecture, and built an end-to-end data management solution using Boomi iPaaS platform to integrate customer’s scattered data enabling them to have one central data housing all the master entries. Integrated Netsuite with Magneto using Dell Boomi iPaaS platform enabled the client to have a 360 view of their customer data, product availability, stock, and shipment details. 

Boomi enabled Sparity to orchestrate the entire customer experience by integrating ERP, CRM, and other e-commerce, currency exchange, and supply chain applications that facilitated a seamless and transparent customer journey from placing an order to deliver the product. Synchronized website with inventories with the aid of ERP and CRM to keep track of all orders and satisfy customer 


Key Deliverables


Enhanced the number of orders processed through the platform in real-time with 100% accuracy in website orders, timely deliveries, and fast customer service. 

Enhanced management 

Enabled availability and management of high-quality data in one central location with zero duplicates. 

Streamlining supply chain 

Streamlined the order fulfillment process with real-time updates on the live order tracking, Payment tracking, Real-time stock management and more

First-call resolution 

Significantly shortened wait time and increased the first-call resolution by 55%, and decreased development cost by around 70% 


Enhanced collaboration with code-level API management to minimizes latency and secure payments gateways 


Automated the flow of data between different systems, giving a complete picture of the order fulfillment journey 

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Boomi Integration accelerates Supply Chain management

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