The client is a renowned supply chain and logistics provider company in the US, offering multimodal transportation services and third-party logistics. Our client wanted an intelligent order management analytics and clear visibility into logistics data, profit and operational efficiency. ​​

ClientLogisticsServicesLogistics, Power BI, DataYear 2022

Key Challenges

  • Client struggled with poor visibility into logistics data, vehicle health, weather conditions or a blocked route
  • They were squandering their efforts, time and money by generating static reports that lacked substantial value
  • The use of ERP did not resolve issues with reporting and tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Client faced challenges with analytics and reporting as they had separate SQL databases (DBs) for multiple locations ​ ​
  • Client wanted interactive dashboards that provide advanced user experience (UX), real-time data, historical data for trends comparison, and actionable insights


  • Sparity consolidated all data from multiple location in a single Azure Data Warehouse
  • Developed a process that replicates the original data into Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Created Azure Analysis Services Tabular Model to make sure optimal performance for all calculations and reports ​ ​​
  • Created numerous interactive dashboards that analyzes different parameters such as Time to completion, Partial Shipments vs. Not Shipped Orders vs. Total Number of Orders, Rejected and rerouted shipments, Orphan shipments, Shipping cost vs. customer charged, and more to gain deeper insights
  • Power BI solution enabled in-house data science teams to carry out deeper analysis of the most important supply chain KPIs ​ ​


  • 38% decrease in delayed shipments​
  • Reduced the average time to completion​
  • 30% decrease in shipping cost​
  • Enhanced invoice control and management