A mid-size retail company based out of North America offers a wide range of products under various formats – making it stand out among competitors in the market. The retail client wanted to automate manual and cumbersome processes to enhance their customer experience/satisfaction and post-sale support.

ClientRetailServicesRPA & AIYear 2022

Key Challenges

  • The retail firm faced challenges with inefficiencies in their contact centers, fraud alerting modules, and cross-sell & up-sell strategies which resulted in less growth
  • Customer interaction was time-consuming, frequently resulted in delayed responses, and left customers frustrated
  • The large volume of tedious and error-prone tasks, lack of control, and pro-longed SLAs (service-level agreement) had overwhelmed both customers’ and employees’ experience
  • Needed an end-to-end platform that offered a comprehensive view of all the reporting/data, alerts, and offers. ​
  • Invoice processing was labor-intensive and had become a real burden
  • Needed to upgrade their security to detect fraudulent activities


  • Sparity automated mundane and repetitive tasks and provided workflow-based solutions to cater to the contact center users
  • Developed a new servicing desktop solution that will enable them to comprehensively view all customer details, enhance reporting/data capabilities, provide proactive alerts, cross-sell offers, and more
  • Implemented necessary security changes for better fraud detection​ ​
  • Sparity developed a solution combining optical character recognition (OCR) with Robotic process automation (RPA) that enabled the robots to learn how to interpret, extract, and process data from a wide variety of document types.
  • Employed pre-trained machine learning models to identify and retrieve the bill-of-lading fields. ​
  • Offered a fully automated and configurable solution that is more flexible for Line of Business (LOB) to configure rules for the fraud alerting module.
  • Automated customer authentication process combined with dynamic alerts and cross-channel contact history in an effort to enhance security against rising social engineering and fraud attempts.
  • Implemented algorithms to identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities for existing customers.
  • Automated manual ordering, resupply processes, and other supplier interactions
  • Employed RPA bots for transactional tasks such as inventory transfers, markdowns, and return-to-vendor merchandise
  • Sparity automated 20+ processes across multiple business functions


  • Streamlined and simplified business operations by consolidating, standardizing, and optimizing processes through a combination of RPA and AI solutions
  • Achieved High Operational Efficiency with around 90% time-savings per process, which improved employee satisfaction and performance
  • Significantly shortened wait times and a 7% decrease in average handle time (AHT) seen during phase 1 implementation, allowing them to focus on more value-adding activities
  • Reduced error rates to nearly 0% and increased service delivery time
  • Expected $430K increase in revenue for the first year through integration with (RTO) real-time optimization (Upsell & Cross-Sell
  • Improved customer satisfaction and increased service requests through the application