The client is a healthcare organization operating across multiple locations in the United States that is committed to providing exceptional patient care and support for patients and their families, endeavoring to improve healthcare access and affordability. The client aims to get deeper insights about facility performance, departmental information, revenue summary, and more to make better informed decisions.

ClientHealthcareServicespower Bi ,Data & Business analystYear 2022

Key Challenges

  • Needed an efficient reporting tool based on the aggregate data​​​
  • Wanted to unify disparate data sources into one cohesive platform as data was spread across multiple systems
  • Gaining deeper insights into organizational performance and customer health ​
  • Insufficient integration with key non-financial data components (performance KPIs)​​ ​


  • Consolidated more than 30 disparate data sources
  • Migrating all customer data to Microsoft Azure Data Lake Storage by creating common data sets and gaining access through Azure Active Directory groups​​
  • Employed Power Query to consolidate a high volume of data into a few columns and drastically reduce visual load time ​​ ​​
  • Chiclet Slicer visualization was used to provide users with an intuitive way to quickly filter to specific fields or domains
  • Integrated analytical and financial reports and dashboards based on Power BI ​​ ​
  • To drive user adoption, Sparity organized educational and training programs to empower users to fully embrace the platform​​​ ​


  • The client could embrace organization-wide reporting, including all the locations​
  • Optimize internal processes with insights from reports and dashboards​​
  • Improved decision-making across key performance indicators by 57%​​
  • Effective performance monitoring reduces operational efforts by 60%