The healthcare client conceived the idea to solve their common but crucial issues in the healthcare system, i.e. communication lag with patient and provider and needed an interactive patient experience platform. Sparity, with its vast experience in developing healthcare solutions, developed an interactive patient experience platform and mobile application and provided extensive technical support to the client to maintain their app and plan for new features and updates.

The client is a renowned health and well-being company headquartered in the United States that provides an exceptional healthcare care experience for its patients and their families. Intending to promote healthier communities and improve the well-being of individuals in the local community, the Healthcare client introduces products, services and innovative approaches. The client has an extensive network of best doctors, advanced care providers, nurses and therapists offering the most advanced services in a range of acute care, ambulatory, specialty care and long-term care services. The Healthcare client’s core capabilities include advanced technology, clinical expertise, and health and data information. These capabilities allow them to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of the health care industry.

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The healthcare client aimed at providing an on-demand and cost-effective interactive patient experience platform and mobile application that connects all the stakeholders in the healthcare sector while complying with all the relevant healthcare regulations. The healthcare client singled out Sparity for its knowledge of operations, compliances, and hands-on experience in designing breakthrough healthcare applications. Sparity, with a clear understanding of the client’s expectations, developed an interactive patient experience platform and mobile app in adherence to HIPAA compliance and the data breach laws to ensure confidentiality.


The client wanted a healthcare app development company to create a mobile application designed to be a digital gateway connecting consumers with their providers. This application was to offer inpatients secure access to their health history, enable communication with caregivers, features such as lighting, blinds, temperature control, meal ordering, and personalized content and information, thereby patients and family members have complete control of their room environment.


LAI-powered solution analyzed
PQRST Curves through Open CV libraries
to detect abnormalities in ECG.

The solution gathers data from monitoring devices such as ECG (3/12 Lead), pulse oximetry, Digital Temperature, Non-Invasive Blood Pressure, and analyze it for unusual patterns that are not conformed to the expected behavior and detect patterns in the cardiovascular risk factors through a supervised learning approach.


Sparity formed a cross-functional team consisting of clinicians, process experts, mobile technology experts and more, with the help of the healthcare client to better understand the client’s requirements for app development. Sparity developed an interactive patient experience platform and mobile app with a number of patient-centric features that minimize anxiety while providing access to services through an interactive digital experience to enhance the patient experience and at the same time optimizing healthcare practices and hospital operations. From patient education to room control, the solutions provide health care organizations with digital solutions that integrate with existing electronic health record systems, allowing patients and family members to access the information they need and want.

Key Deliverables


Providers to easily capture patient details such as insurance, demographics and prior clinical assessments


Patients and physicians achieved a 90% satisfaction rate with increased patient involvement.


75% of patients report that the system improved their hospital experience  and engagement


80% of patients report that the system provided more information than they would have had otherwise