Healthcare client is a renowned health and well-being company headquartered in the United States that provides an exceptional healthcare experience for its patients and their families.The healthcare client wanted to solve their common but crucial issues in the healthcare system, i.e., communication lag between patient and provider, and needed an interactive patient experience platform while complying with all the relevant healthcare regulations.

ClientHealthcareServicesApp developmentYear 2022

Key Challenges

  • The client wanted to design and develop a mobile application that serves as a gateway connecting consumers with their providers and was looking for a technology partner to do the job ​​​​
  • This application was to offer inpatients secure access to their health history, enable communication with caregivers, and provide features such as lighting, blinds, temperature control, meal ordering, and personalized content and information, thereby allowing patients and family members to have complete control of their room environment


  • Sparity developed an interactive patient experience platform and mobile app in adherence to HIPAA compliance and the data breach laws to ensure confidentiality
  • Build native apps on both iOS & Android with one single codebase with flutter ​
  • Leveraged AngularJS and Ionic to build frontend architecture to deliver the best-in-class user experience
  • Connected the platform with existing electronic health record systems, allowing patients and family members to access the information they need ​
  • Integrated on-demand meal ordering, patient room controls including HVAC/Room Temperature, lighting, privacy, blinds, and more into the solution
  • Used MongoDB as it supports document-oriented storage and is scalable for faster retrieval of medicine-related information upon user request.​
  • Integrated on-demand entertainment API using NodeJS for patient entertainment and distraction ​
  • Employed screen readers such as Apple’s VoiceOver, Google’s TalkBack, and Microsoft’s NV Access to perform the voiceover for users with visual impairments ​
  • Built a separate React component for localization configuration, which lets users switch between different languages
  • Employed grid-based layout system to adapt the application interface depending on the device screen parameters
  • Simplified content management for admins and simplified management of text, graphic, and video content using CKEditor


  • The platform enabled providers to easily capture patient details such as insurance, demographics, and prior clinical assessments
  • 90% increase in patient engagement ​
  • 75% of patients report that the system improved their hospital experience
  • 80% of patients say that the system provided more information than they would have had otherwise