The healthcare client is a leading academic health system with a hospital based in North America. The client provides coordinated and comprehensive healthcare services, ranging from primary, specialty, tertiary, and urgent care, all within one complete health system. The healthcare client was looking for a solution to address the patient churn rate and develop a better loyalty strategy.

ClientHealthcareServicesData Science, AI, MLYear 2022

Key Challenges

  • The healthcare client sought a solution to address the high patient churn rate by developing a more effective patient retention program ​​​​
  • Needed to develop a strategic road map and adopt a different approach to prevent churn rate
  • Identifying different mini-processes involved in the complex patient life cycle was difficult
  • The client wanted to track its patients’ attribution strengths to prevent churn, make excellent operational decisions, and target actions and practices that lead to high churn rates


  • Leveraging AI and ML, Sparity developed a patient retention program that involves quantifying patient churn rate by monitoring every aspect of the patient cycle and devising a plan to resolve it
  • Sparity leveraged Cloudera and Hive to host transactional data and transform the data respectively ​
  • The right data is collected, cleaned, preprocessed, and changed into a form that can be used to build machine learning models and feature engineering
  • Preprocessed patient data is fed into the QlikView dashboard, and the Apache Spark in-memory processing engine determines patient churn probability ​
  • By analyzing relevant data points and various parameters such as end-to-end communication, appointment data, social listening, surveys, etc., the solution offers insights and suggestions to improve patient experience & loyalty
  • By analyzing relevant data points—from past visits to household composition to family income—the client can identify those active patients who are at risk and those who are not ​
  • The solution predicts patients’ attribution strengths to prevent churn and make better operational decisions based on insights and predictions about the micro-processes involved in patient care ​
  • Adopted a multi-pronged approach by analyzing the client’s marketing campaign results – from email to direct message to social media – and developed a program that targets new patients and keeps them coming back for years ​
  • The solution helps monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) that help develop strategies to enhance patient retention initiatives​


  • Increase in Patient Revenue
  • Enhanced customer service and satisfaction​
  • Maximize patient customer lifetime value (CLV)
  • Increased patient retention rate to nearly 50%
  • Found a new patient growth rate of 45%
  • 70% reduction in manual effort