The Retail client is a US-based furniture/home decor retailer, a one-stop solution for furniture and home furnishing essentials rental in the U.S. They wanted to digitally transform their online platform to enhance their website with native app features to potentially reach large number of audiences. Sparity designed the platform with a robust architecture that can scale easily to handle growing traffic.

ClientRetailServicesApp developmentYear 2022

Key Challenges

  • Client intended to create a new, sleek, and inventive design that meets the needs of the client ‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč
  • Faced several concerns related to web speed, stability and infrastructure of their current platform
  • A user-friendly interface and workflow that would make it simple for non-tech savvy people to easily use the platform
  • To initiate a marketing campaign, but faced architectural and product data challenges
  • The application should be able to send out automated real-time alerts and reminders based on the status of customers


  • Sparity owned up the responsibility and acted quickly to build a future ready mobile application with a team of experienced software developers specializing in the retail industry
  • One team worked on rebuilding the client’s front-end using React and checkout functionality, being managed by Magento to deliver a smooth web experience across all browsers ‚Äč
  • Other team availed the web AR service and the mobile app’s AR feature to create virtual product catalogs
  • Developed Android using Java and Kotlin and iOS app using Swift and Objective C ‚Äč
  • The app allows users to visualize products in 3D and customize them by choosing the style, fabric, color, or shape enabling users to scan the room or an empty area on the floor and virtually look how furniture fits best in the space
  • Implemented comprehensive multiple filters (by price, most popular product, launch date, etc.) and full-text search to efficiently locate the needed products‚Äč
  • Integrated administrator-level functionalities such as adding and removing products, selecting product categories, offering discounts, and selecting ingredients, among others
  • Integrated dashboard that enables the admin to pull up an analytical report section that shows the daily sales and other reports ‚Äč


  • Increased relevancy with On-Site Personalization
  • 17% Recovery over Cart Abandonment ‚Äč
  • 25% Increase in Time on Site
  • 43% reduction in product returns
  • 163% Increase in Conversion Rate