Sparity partnered with a U.S. based health and wellness company, FitMetrix in building state-of-the-art software platform that supports wearables integration helping

  • Gym Members with real time tracking of their effort inside and outside gyms ​​​​
  • Gym Owners customize their leader boards and front-end user systems

ClientHealthcareServices Digital,
Product engineering, Quality assurance
Year 2022

Key Challenges

  • FitMetrix was looking to expand its service portfolio by offering custom web/mobile solutions for personal and group training programs​​​​
  • Gathering a team of software developers to build the product, ensure security, compliance, and seamless integration with client’s teams with agile best practices was turning out to be a tough challenge
  • With an extended engineering partner in Sparity, FitMetrix got assistance with on-demand resource onboarding enabling them to focus on the project deliverables


  • Our offshore developers worked together with the client’s on-site team in most phases of the development
  • Sparity followed Scrum methodology and Agile best practices (daily stand-ups with the client, regular planning and demo sessions, two-week sprints)​​ ​
  • Supported FitMetrix in creating technical documentation, UML diagrams, and unit tests by roping in domain specific Business Analysts, Manual/Automation Test Engineers​
  • FitMetrix was able to quickly roll out the beta version of the product and gain investors trust in raising additional funds to widen its area of service ​
  • With the growth, came the need for flexible talent across business functions who can respond faster to their clients’ needs
  • Sparity has always been a reliable source of versatile talent for FitMetrix business need​


  • Improved time to market with rapid scaling of the on-site team with skilled tech experts
  • Able to quickly develop web-based application that supports different operating systems, browsers, and mobile devices ​
  • Reduced operational costs and administrative burdens with flexible development teams