Health iPASS, a leading healthcare technology company has found early success in redefining patient revenue cycle with its mobile patient intake, check-in, & payment solutions.
They wanted to capitalize on their initial start and were looking for remote dev teams to accelerate their efforts in providing a fully integrated payment and software experience for its clients.

ClientHealthcareServicesDigital, Product engineering, Data VisualizationYear 2022

Key Challenges

  • Health iPASS needed technology experts in their digital initiatives and finding the right talent was extremely difficult owing to the rapid growth of the organization ​​​​ ​​​​
  • Strict deadlines further increased the need for independent talent
  • Looking at the long-term work strategy, it was time for Health iPASS in adopting an agile work model to overcome the talent shortage


  • Health iPASS leveraged Sparity’s On-demand hiring model to engage two .NET developers during the first phase of development
  • As they gained confidence in Sparity, they further added six additional developers in less than a year to build and transform their product ​​​
  • Health iPASS was able to roll-out a minimum viable product in just four weeks and critical functionalities were released into production every week after that ​​
  • Sparity supported them quickly scale up / down resources based on the project need
  • Health iPASS enhanced their product portfolio by employing experts in business intelligence using Power BI​ ​ ​
  • Our team consistently stayed in touch with Health iPASS and addressed their resource need


  • Having access to a pool of super talented professionals helped them reach milestones faster
  • Quick and easy start of development teams within weeks boosted their productivity by 30% ​​
  • Health iPASS increased their revenue two-fold by taking the product live within short timeframe