Bizooku, a start-up based out of Seattle, USA decided to build a low code mobile application development software understanding the growing need for businesses to go mobile. This platform allows developers to change an apps look, and functionality in real-time without redeployment. Bizooku has partnered with Sparity to create next iteration of their product BizzokuX after a terrific response from their first iteration.

ClientISVServicesProduct engineering
Digital, Quality assurance
Year 2022

Key Challenges

  • With a lean team, they have created their first iteration of the product to enable users to create and manage their mobile apps with ‘Zero’ coding​​​​ ​​​​ ​​​​
  • They went live and onboarded hundreds of customers in the first few months. Customers loved Bizooku for its simplicity of use and great functional capabilities
  • However, very soon they have realized that the technology stack and architecture of the product is limiting them in quickly meeting the customer’s demands for more functional capabilities and enhancements across multiple areas
  • Sparity empowered Bizooku using our flexible talent and efficiently scale up or down the quantity or specialty of the developers as the project evolved


  • Sparity’s team of engineers spent hours with Bizooku’s dev teams to understand the vision behind BizookuX and the current limitations of the existing system
  • While adopting an Agile Iterative based approach, our resources quickly modified/redesigned several screens based on user feedback​​ ​
  • On the first iteration, almost 20 different widgets were built on BizookuX, helped them reduce time consumed to build each widget
  • Helped them quickly scale its core engineering team by adding DevOps and Backend engineers as required ​
  • Assigned a project manager to ensure everyone works together to meet the objectives of the project
  • Sparity was very resourceful in aligning with their goals towards building an extremely powerful Mobile App Building Platform which offers a lot of flexibility for customizations that can scale rapidly ​​


  • Cost reduction by 30% due to extensive use of independent talent
  • Reduced functional execution effort by 40% ​/li>
  • Improved time-to-market by up to 50%
  • Improved their client base with the rapid development of the application