The client is a news and media company that operates in broadcasting, publishing, and digital with a multilingual presence and offers news feeds in more than four different languages.

News and media company wanted to upgrade and redesign an established local news portal app using responsive design, easy-to-use navigation system, banner ads integrated, and the ability to aggregate RSS feeds.

ClientNews & MobileServicesQA / TestingYear 2022

Key Challenges

  • The application had more than 5M subscribers (iOS or Android) and this poses a challenge for the testing team since the dataset size is huge and the application had to be deployed not only across various operating systems but also across various versions of same Operating system (OS)
  • While automated testing was a critical requirement of the plan, several user flows were too complicated to automate
  • Faced with an impossibly strict timeline to cover the entire functional and non-functional testing of web and mobile applications by the client


  • Sparity followed a comprehensive test strategy that included multiple tests, and performed exhaustive browser compatibility testing for more than 15 combinations of Mobile devices/OS/Browsers
  • Designed & implemented an end-to-end testing solution covering functional testing across multiple browsers for admin console and mobile devices
  • Provided detailed security testing report containing vulnerabilities with proposed solutions to the vulnerabilities
  • Identified and fixed high-priority bugs related to functional and non-functional testing
  • Carried out full-fledged in-house testing for top-level OS versions on the market. However, testing in other OS versions was done by using 3rd party online platforms/ simulators
  • Created and executed all the test cases, and fail/pass statistics were documented
  • Conducted testing related to mobile camera, audio, and video, and speech to text functionalities
  • Automated user flow testing by addressing feedback that came up in earlier testing sessions and comparing user testing data with real-world data
  • Validated new campaign from (Content management system) CMS app with Splash, video, text, and poll/voting pages
  • Identification of security vulnerabilities across the app for both data leakage and privacy
  • Identification of security vulnerabilities across the app for both data leakage and privacy
  • The client was able to deliver a bug-free application to its user
  • Ensured uninterrupted system availability during peak loads


  • 100% client adherence to an aggressive, timely release with the best quality
  • Increased test coverage by enhancing the number of combinations of mobiles/OS versions and browsers with multiple use cases
  • News app seamlessly works across a wide number of iOS as well as Android smart devices
  • 12% improvement in application quality and maintains 99.9% uptime
  • All critical application processing is now fully automated, and 80% of functionality testing is automated, intending to reach 100%
  • Postproduction defects decreased drastically
  • Application performance has been improved across multiple configurations
  • Significantly increased mobile traffic and customer ratings, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction