The US-based client is a leading provider of real estate services such as brokerage, property management, development, rentals, sales, valuation and advisory, capital markets, insurance, securities and other services.

The real estate client aims to provide a digital closing experience with a modern approach, transparent pricing on closing fees, and more control for their partners. They chose Sparity to carry out API testing solution against their API to reduce their testing time & costs and enhance its credibility

ClientReal EstateServicesAPI TestingYear 2022

Key Challenges

  • The client chose Agile/DevOps for faster software development and release cycles. This increased development speed, became a barrier for QA and slowed release cycles
  • The client faced challenges carrying out API testing and intended to run an API regression test to verify the service that complies with business logic ​
  • Also, keeping up with their fast-paced development cycles was tricky, as changes in the UI broke the test cases and required constant updates ​
  • Heavy dependency on the UI and manual testing was slow and cumbersome. Thereby, QA became a bottleneck, impeding faster release cycles ​


  • Sparity implemented API testing and carried out functional, performance, reliability, load, smoke, and security testing against the APIs
  • Sparity adopted API automation and “Shift-Left” & “Continuous Testing” methodologies that enabled them to achieve faster release cycles
  • Adopted JMeter open-source API test automation tool that assists in building service-level automation, enabling faster testing scripts ​ ​​​​
  • Integrated APIs to YAML pipeline for effective continuous testing ​ ​
  • 24×7 execution of automated tests as part of CI/CD workflows ​
  • Created test cases using pre-built test case templates and test assertions​
  • Streamlined and accelerated API testing to run above 1000 tests multiple times a day ​​
  • Generated API scripts, and testing was carried out by calling the API based on different parameter values ​
  • Carried out string comparison to validate the response from the server and response status code validation
  • Scheduled API calls multiple times to check if the API’s stability remains stable ​


  • 50% effort reduction in regression test execution
  • Cost reduction by 15% due to extensive use of automation tools
  • Reduced functional execution effort by 40%
  • Improved time-to-market by up to 50%
  • 40% decrease in test execution time
  • Improved accuracy and increased test coverage
  • Improved reliability, security, and performance