In today’s fast-changing world, mobile applications have become a must-have for any organization, be it large or small. With over 6 billion smartphone users globally, app development for mobile devices is becoming increasingly popular around the world and is in high demand among businesses of all industries. Smartphones are an exciting chapter in the IT industry and they have unquestionably become an important component of app development. Today, mobile apps have become such an important part of most enterprises that sales are expected to reach about 613 billion U.S. dollars by 2025.

Brian Solis expressing the importance of incorporating AI and ML in app development and marketing in his article tweets the importance developing better apps

This thriving and expanding industry has drawn companies from all around the world to create mobile apps as consumers are transitioning from desktop computers to mobile devices. Mobile apps provide customers with all the facilities, services, and features that are available on desktops. Mobile apps offer value to customers, enhance customer connections, improve customer loyalty, and build a strong and widespread brand presence.
You may intend to create a mobile application that will be popular in the near future and generate millions of dollars in revenue. If you want to make your vision a reality, you should engage with a mobile app development company. It’s not easy to choose the best app developer for your project among the many top mobile app development businesses. Furthermore, businesses have limited time and resources to evaluate the multiple top app development companies available. In this blog, we’ll go over some of the top mobile app development companies in the USA that can help you make your app development project a reality.
Before we get to the list of top mobile app development companies, let’s first look at what mobile app development is and how does the App Development Life Cycle look like.

What is mobile application development?

Mobile application development is the process of the creation of software that works on smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices, most commonly for Android and iOS. It comprises developing installable software bundles, setting up back-end services, and testing the application on target devices. It also involves the usage of native features pre-built on a device like GPS, Bluetooth, a camera, microphone, etc. Java, Swift, C# and HTML5 are some of the programming and markup languages, to name a few, that can be employed for mobile app development.

The mobile development lifecycle

Mobile App Development Lifecycle involves several stages such as Inception, Design, Development, Stabilization, and Deployment.

Inception (or Research/Planning)

Every app begins with an idea. At this stage, the idea is refined, and a mobile strategy is created. Moreover, research into competitors, feature mapping, technical requirement’s specification, and the setting of costs and deadlines is carried out at this stage.


The design phase consists of defining the app’s User Experience (UX) and turning that UX into a proper User Interface (UI) design, creating the sketch, wireframes, prototype and final app skins upon approval.


This is the phase where the actual application is built and is typically the most resource-intensive phase. In the development stage, app prototyping and front-end and back-end segments of coding are carried out.


The development and stabilization stages are closely connected to each other. QA normally starts by testing the application and fixing bugs. This phase includes functional, security, usability, design, productivity, regression, compatibility, and user acceptance tests.

Once the app has been conceptualized, prototyped, developed and tested, it’s time for the official release. This phase involves deploying to the app store, updates releases, entire app maintenance and app store optimization.

How to Choose a Mobile App Development Company?

Choosing a mobile app development company for developing an app as per your business needs is not an easy undertaking. Numerous variables need to be considered when selecting an IT firm that can achieve the required results in terms of user experience and revenue generation. Choosing an excellent app company will assist you in meeting your business objectives and connecting with your target audience.
Here’s how to choose right.

Competence and experience

An app development company that can create apps for a specific platform or technology can provide superior quality and insight into the services. Similarly, being an experienced company signifies that the organization has confronted and overcome several development-related obstacles. This parameter ensures that the company’s development team can handle any challenging issue and provide you with the best mobile app building services.


You can get an idea of the work done by the app development company by looking at its portfolio. Portfolios are crucial to identifying technical expertise, project themes, business domains, and other aspects of a company. This will provide you with insight into the developer’s capabilities and limitations, allowing you to determine whether they are what you are looking for. You may also cross-check their portfolio by inspecting the app they claim to have created and contacting them to see if they actually did the work.


Going through the feedback and evaluations of previous and current clients is one of the sure-shot approaches to choosing an ace IT firm for custom mobile app development. Get in touch with your app partner’s prior clients to find out what kind of business relationship they have. After all, they have received services from that company before and may provide you with some insight.

Effective delivery management

Many enterprises and businesses report that their development company failed to keep them informed about the mobile app development cycle’s progress, as on-time delivery of the app becomes important. Many a time the app might differ from what it was initially projected to be, so it is important to make updates at every stage. For flawless and effective mobile app development, the organization must keep its clients updated on the progress of their product at all times. Having regular dialogs about the app’s development progress also ensures that the final product is delivered on schedule.

Post production service

The creation of the application is not the end of a mobile app development project. Instead, it marks the start of a lifelong process of maintaining and monitoring the app, as well as planning for possible technical disasters. Remember to inquire about the post-delivery service from your selected mobile app development business. It should ideally include a smooth onboarding option for team members once an application is produced. The sharing of necessary resources to assist run the program, and the handling of large post-delivery crises on negotiated terms should be prior discussed.

For 2022, here are our picks for the best mobile app development companies

Finding the perfect and finest app developers in the United States is challenging given that the country is one of the largest IT hubs with hundreds of web and app development firms. So, in order to assist you in locating and selecting the finest mobile app development, we have compiled a list. Here is a comprehensive list of the top app developers in the United States for 2022 and beyond, with offices in New York, California, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, New Jersey, Texas, and other states


Sparity is a globally recognized app and software development company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia focused on creating customer-centric, world-class digital experiences by incorporating various new technologies like IoT, wearable, enterprise mobility, cloud and mobile solutions that exceed client’s and their customer’s expectations and position them as category leaders.


Best features

Best known for its workflow transparency and collaborative consultation

Integrations: Sparity is one of the few companies that provides a plethora of integration options, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your mobile application with other essential tools and software.

Professional team: Sparity showcases the highest level of professionalism and client service in navigating languages, cultural differences and negotiating time zones.

Adaptability: Sparity takes on the project as if it’s their own. They recognize that your requirements may alter due to changes in market demand and are adaptable as per the situation.

Konstant infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions is a reputable app development firm that has pioneered the creation of world-class applications for various industry niches. Its specialty is to satisfy customers across the industry and strive for greater customer satisfaction. They have experts in all cutting-edge technologies who are always eager to adapt to the ever-changing technological demands


Best features

Best known for its adaptability to accommodate new changes
Transparent workflow: The company is upfront and honest about how it handles your project; you’ll know exactly what’s going on with your application at every step of the way.

Maintenance: After the app is created, Konstant Infosolutions will continue to support you and won’t leave you hanging. It establishes a long-term partnership with you and looks out for your best interests at all times.
Meets deadline: Konstant Infosolutions is sincere and committed to deadlines. Any estimate presented at the start of a project will most certainly be followed.


Algoworks is an award-winning mobile app development firm with offices in Sunnyvale, California, and Noida, India providing end-to-end product development services globally. Algoworks follows an agile methodology taking care of everything from design, development, and deployment to marketing. Agloworks has experience developing a wide range of mobile applications, including finance apps, social media chatting apps, video calling apps, mobile games, beauty apps, and so on.


Best features
Best known for its diverse services for enterprises of every size

Inclusive services: AlgoWorks provides a wide range of services that cover nearly every aspect of a brand’s needs.

Consultative collaboration: AlgoWorks employs a customer-centric strategy to keep you informed at every stage and solicit your input to ensure that the final product meets your specifications.

Domain expertise: AlgoWorks’s expertise in the mobile app industry is evident in the caliber of their work. They have a keen awareness of user privacy and security and incorporate it into the design of the application.

Hyperlink infosystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem is an all-inclusive IT and software development service for all your software development needs. The team at Hyperlink Infosystem contributes their expertise to the development of innovative app features that meet market expectations. Clients have consistently favored Hyperlink InfoSystem for the development of unique and custom applications. Hyperlink InfoSystem blends skill, creativity, and tech with client ideas.

Hyperlink-InfoSystem (1)

Best features
Best known for its End-to-end app development service

Inclusive service: Regardless of your business model or size, Hyperlink InfoSystem offers dependable mobile application development services to everyone.
Quality assurance: Each product is manually tested for quality and efficiency by the company before it is delivered to its customers.

Streamlined process: Its workflow is extremely methodical and streamlined, which makes it efficient and time-saving.

Zco corporation

Zco Corporation is a well-known custom mobile and web app development firm with a successful track record spanning three decades. Zco provides entrepreneurs, startups, and even Fortune 500 companies with reliable software solution development. They offer clients extensive technical capabilities and the ability to produce high-performance custom software with the access of one of the largest teams of engineers, developers, designers, and project managers with years of experience satisfying client needs.


Best features
Best known for its industry-wide experience and technological expertise

Experience: Mobile app development requires a great deal of experience, and Zco Corporation has more than 30 years under its belt.
Full range of services: Zco Corporation provides a comprehensive array of services: everything required to create the ideal mobile application for your business is available under one roof.

Multiple sectors: Zco Corporation’s services are not limited to specific industries. The technological experts at Zco Corporation are able to work in any sector.

For more than a decade, ArcTouch has been assisting businesses in developing meaningful relationships with their customers and employees through the use of innovative applications and other digital experiences. The professional team at ArcTouch offers comprehensive development support, beginning with the creation of apps for iOS, Android, and web applications and extending to the creation of AI-enabled bots for conversational platforms like Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa.


Best features
Best known for its exceptional customer service

Superior service: ArcTouch provides exceptional service at every stage of the app development process. It simplifies every step for you, from the initial discussion to the final product launch.
Technological expertise: ArcTouch perfectly understands your needs and end goals and offers a high level of expertise paired with their attention to detail.
Technical support: ArcTouch has the ability to bring together experts from various fields in one room.


Orangesoft is a web and mobile app development company that develops apps from the ground up for iOS, Android, and the web. In addition to app development, Orangesoft provides tech consulting and project management services. Orangesoft believes in creating flawless and high-quality applications that are highly productive and cost-effective across various domains.


Best features
Best known for its Tech consulting assistance with experts

Full cycle project development: Orangesoft offers app development services from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry about coordinating with a variety of vendors.
Tech consulting: Need some expert advice before you start working on your mobile app? Take advantage of Orangesoft’s one-of-a-kind technology consulting service.
Multiple markets: The company has customers in many distinct markets, including the health and fitness industry, the travel finance market, and eCommerce.

SEM nexus
SEM Nexus is a reliable mobile application development company that understands the unique needs of a startup. In addition to developing and launching applications, SEM Nexus will also assist you in marketing your product, allowing you to maximize your return on investment. Its efficient and streamlined workflow enables you to acquire high-quality mobile applications at reasonable prices, while its data-driven marketing strategy effectively targets your application’s niche audience.


Best features
Best known for its App marketing assistance

Promotion: Have no idea how to reach your target audience with your mobile application? SEM Nexus will market your product on your behalf.
Affordable: The methodical application development process at SEM Nexus reduces unnecessary costs without sacrificing quality.
Testing: Before delivering a product to a customer, the company manually tests it for quality and efficiency


WillowTree assists the world’s most admired companies in launching impactful applications. The company, founded in 2007 as a mobile app and web development agency, has expanded to support all phases of the product life cycle in tandem with the digital ecosystem. WillowTree develops digital products that satisfy business requirements, promote market differentiation, and enhance the user experience. Their teams offer end-to-end, full-stack development (including native mobile apps, web development, voice interfaces, and cross-platform), strategy, design, and growth marketing services, with SEO, accessibility, and security baked in.


Best features
Best known for its Trained and experienced professionals

Seamless communication: One of the greatest attributes of WillowTree is the simplicity of communication. Its customer support team is available around-the-clock, regardless of whether you prefer to contact them via phone or email.
Portfolio: WillowTree has collaborated with some of the world’s biggest brands.
Diverse portfolio: It has a diverse portfolio that substantiates all of its proficiency claims.


Founded as a YC startup a decade ago, JetRuby has built apps for more than 100 startups since then. JetRuby is also one of the few mobile app development companies that are open about their pricing and discloses all relevant information on their website. It even has different pricing packages for startups and established businesses.


Best features
Best known for its free app and code audits services

Versatile: Its team can handle any type of business, no matter how big or small. For the same reason, it provides distinct packages for startups and established businesses.

Free services: JetRuby offers a number of free services, including app audits and code audits, to help you get started quickly and easily.

Multiple technologies: JetRuby’s 100+ engineers are experts in AWS, Elixir, React Js, and other cutting-edge technologies.

In conclusion

Summing things up, given the present market conditions, the easiest way to find a mobile app partner is to first understand your needs, market requirements, and business challenges. Examining some of the characteristics mentioned below can also help businesses choose a better app development company: A significant company profile, a commendable performance history, an area of expertise, a company that has a strategic plan before beginning the development process, a company that considers users’ demands, implements methods to keep users’ interest, has a unique selling proposition, and follows the app development life-cycle prior to releasing it to the market.

These are some of the most well-known top 10 mobile app development companies in the United States, which are recognized for their superior development and maintenance services. One can anticipate greater dependability when hiring any of the aforementioned companies for business purposes. Sparity is a well-known mobile app development business in the US with a team of highly qualified analysts, certified developers, and UX/UI professionals who have extensive experience developing world-class apps for both iOS and Android. Sparity offers a comprehensive one-stop solution for mobile app development across many platforms. As part of our in-house experience, we also handle all security and regular updates, so you have great experience.