If you’re a Magento user considering an upgrade, it’s crucial to understand when the timing is right. This decision can significantly propel your business forward.

The recent announcements from FedEx and UPS regarding the retirement of their ISS SOAP web services will impact Magento users. Furthermore, the upcoming end of support for certain Magento versions, coupled with the release of 2.4.7 featuring enhanced security features, presents a prime opportunity for an upgrade.

Read our blog to learn why it is the perfect moment to seize this opportunity and upgrade your Magento version.

New Magento version 2.4.7

Magento version Open Source 2.4.7-beta3 introduces PHP 8.3 support with over 150 enhancements, including security improvements like non-generated cache key changes and rate limiting for REST and GraphQL payment info. Updates include UPS XML API migration to REST, FedEx integration overhaul, and USPS Ground Advantage support. GraphQL enhancements offer improved caching, order cancellation, and custom attribute support. Notably, deprecated features like Temando shipping modules are removed. The release also emphasizes improved Admin URL randomness, and new mutations like clearCart and createGuestCart. Check Adobe’s Security Bulletin for fixes. Use caution as beta releases may contain defects and BICs.

Retirement of FedEx and UPS SOAP web services

The upcoming retirement of FedEx and UPS SOAP web services on May 15 and June 3, 2024, respectively, presents a crucial challenge for Magento users. Those reliant on these APIs for shipping and logistics face functionality loss, necessitating an urgent transition to RESTful APIs. This shift demands rewriting integrations, potential downtime, and adjustments to data structures and authentication methods. Such changes could disrupt operations, requiring significant development efforts and impacting user experience and service reliability. Immediate action is imperative to mitigate the technical disruptions and ensure a smooth transition away from SOAP services.

End of Previous Version Support

With Magento version 2.4.7 Open Source beta now available and the end of support dates approaching for previous versions — 2.4.4 ending on April 24, 2025, 2.4.5 on August 9, 2025, and 2.4.6 on March 14, 2026 — the time to seize the opportunity for Magento version upgrade is now. Upgrading to 2.4.7 beta ensures continued support and access to new features, enhancements, and security updates. Avoiding the end-of-support scenarios for older versions is crucial for maintaining a secure and efficient Magento store. Taking action now not only future-proofs your store but also ensures ongoing compatibility with the evolving Magento ecosystem.


The timing of a Magento version upgrade is more than just staying current—it’s about ensuring your business stays competitive and secure. With the retirement of SOAP web services by FedEx and UPS and the upcoming end of support for certain Magento versions, the release of 2.4.7 with enhanced security features couldn’t come at a better time. Seize this opportunity to not only safeguard your online store but also to unlock new possibilities for growth and success. Upgrade now and stay ahead.

Why Sparity?

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This Scheduled update would lead to significant technical disruptions and functionality loss. know more

Transitioning from the SOAP API to the RESTful API offers a solution for the impending retirement of SOAP services by UPS and FedEx. know more