Uber for nurses: An app lets nurses work when and where they want

With a new CTO from Google and $60 million in equity investment, Gale is looking to help curb the nursing shortage through the nimble use of technology. Gale enables nurses to search for open shifts and claim the ones they want in real-time. It is a platform that pays nurses the same day, minutes after they finish work. Having this type of flexibility and same-day pay is key to boosting morale and ending the nursing shortage.

On-demand staffing in healthcare is a game-changer, much like Uber and AirBnB. Through Gale’s app, nurses get control of their own schedule and their pay. Gale was named one of the fastest-growing staffing companies in America by Staffing Industry Analysts. Gale, named after Florence Nightingale, now has 55,000 clinicians using its app in 40 states.

Here’s the reality: More than one million nurses will be needed by 2030 to keep up with the growing demand for care. To curb this shortage, Gale is leading a revolution to make nursing a less stressful profession, with flexibility and quick pay. Many nurses are living paycheck to paycheck. Having the ability to work a shift when you need money and get paid quickly afterward is empowering. As the gig economy grows, companies that can offer their workers this benefit are going to have a major advantage.

Source: Healthcare IT

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