Patient 360

Salesforce launches Patient 360 for Health

Salesforce launches Patient 360 for Health, a new customer relationship management product that works with existing electronic health records. The Patient 360 Health CRM platform offers healthcare automation, personalized intelligence and real-time data exchanges. It works with existing electronic health records to unify data from EHRs, labs, billing and scheduling.

According to Salesforce, healthcare administration costs account for around 25% of the nearly $4 trillion spent on healthcare in the United States each year, and the shortage of qualified workers is further increasing those costs. Technology can help address these issues, but also improve care, motivate and re-skill staff, the company says. “Today’s organizations must invest in streamlined solutions,” says Lashonda Anderson-Williams, a Salesforce executive. Salesforce’s Patient 360 for Health innovations give customers cost-saving automation and real-time data tools to help deliver patient success now.

Source: Healthcare IT