The client, a leading sportswear brand based in the USA that manufactures, distributes, and market’s high-quality sportswear products, reached out to Sparity to leverage our expert capabilities to get website redesigned with magento as they wanted to transform their user experience and increase their business efficiencies.

ClientEcommerce – SportswearServicesWebsite redesigned with magento
Year 2024

Key Challenges

In the past, client general outlook on technology was with a limited needs of users and customers. Its approach was missing potential to stand up the system and competition.​
The challenge was to bridge the disconnect between user experiences and business efficiencies within, so the client needed completely new perspective that would transform the organization as a whole.



Redesigning User Experience: Redesigned website with Magento capabilities for an elevated user experience, improving engagement and satisfaction with visual design functionalities.

Modular Architecture: Designed a modular architecture, allowing endless scalability and adaptability to ensure alignment with future needs, growth, and development of the platform.

Elastic Search Functions: Implemented Elasticsearch for better search functions to improve navigation, providing users with quicker and more accurate results for enhanced usability.

Leveraging PostgreSQL: Deployed PostgreSQL to maintains and analyzes traffic statistics and information on transactions, ads sales, and subscriptions


With Sparity’s Solutions, the client was able to achieve reliable performance during peak loads.