The client is one of the renowned American healthcare providers headquartered in the United States. With an integrated system of physician practices, hospitals, outpatient centers, and more, healthcare client is committed to delivering remarkable healthcare experiences to promote healthier populations and improve personal health in local communities. The healthcare client faced challenges in locating medical assets and wanted a solution that could enable them to keep tabs on them at all times. Furthermore, they needed an alert system for the unauthorized movement of medical assets.

ClientHealthcareServicesRTLS, AutomationYear 2022

Key Challenges

  • Improve both the delivery and the availability of standard medical assets at the point of use ​​​​
  • Rising rental costs, equipment hoarding issues, and trouble locating equipment
  • Wastage of resources and labor time in manual searching through cabins, rooms, corridors, and floors
  • Inability to track medical assets in a timely manner


  • Sparity designed a solution that integrated standard RTLS with powerful automation by efficiently incorporating requisition, procurement, fulfillment, purchasing, and staffing
  • This solution further helped the client to locate equipment using their desktop or mobile device, make intelligent, proactive decisions regarding their medical equipment, reduce rental equipment costs, and generate a comprehensive inventory of all rented and owned equipment ​
  • Appropriate data is collected, prepared, preprocessed, and transformed in a form suitable for building machine learning models and performing feature engineering
  • Analyzing relevant data points – from past visits to household composition to family income – Healthcare client can identify those active patients who are at risk and those who are not at risk ​
  • Asset movement is automatically recorded in the backend database without any manual intervention
  • The solution provides an alert if an asset is not on the premise of the hospital, the system would detect that a tag is out of range of the Wi-Fi nodes ​ ​
  • Automated Asset Inventory can be generated with just a few clicks ​
  • End-of-day reports can also be generated for further analysis and to make better decisions on how to use their assets efficiently ​


  • No need for manual entry on in-stock assets
  • 80% reduction in the amount of time spent tracing an asset, which boosted operational efficiency ​
  • Greater asset protection through constant monitoring for any unauthorized departures
  • Real-time visibility eliminates the need to hoard equipment
  • Provides notification and keeps track of maintenance due dates for your assets
  • Easy-to-find assets and a detailed look at utilization rates allow you to rent or buy only what you need
  • RTLS and Passive RFID tracking systems help hospital systems improve operational efficiency, cut costs, streamline complicated processes, process improvement expertise, and manage services