The U.S. based healthcare product company delivers a wide range of healthcare products to hospitals, health systems, and non-hospital markets, including surgery centers, home health care businesses, and extended care facilities.

They wanted to analyze massive troves of unstructured patient data from wearables and other monitoring devices in real-time and draw actionable insights to improve medical staff productivity, avoid routine visits, and enhance the quality of care.

ClientHealthcareServicesMobile Application DevelopmentYear 2022

Key Challenges

  • The healthcare product company needed a solution that could perform real-time analytics on the huge volumes of heterogeneous data coming from IoT applications and devices to gain value from the patients’ IoT device data ​​​​
  • The solution should be capable of real-time monitoring of patients and automatically provide alerts and initiate a response to healthcare professionals when a health problem is detected


  • Sparity’s healthcare product experts designed an IoT architecture using Google Cloud
  • As part of its cloud computing strategy, Sparity utilized Google Cloud SQL, which provides fully managed database services that allow them to focus on optimizing performance rather than performing operational tasks ​
  • To handle an increased volume of data coming from different IoT devices, Sparity migrated services to Docker containers on Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Employed DataFlow to deploy batch and streaming data processing pipelines and configured it to capture real-time event data from the Health Care IoT Devices ​ ​
  • Utilized BigQuery to store & analyze fluctuating volumes of real-time data from IoT applications and devices to generate actionable real-time insights that caregivers
  • Used Tableau to create custom real-time dashboards using health care metrics to reflect patient’s current state ​ ​
  • Configured alerts and notifications on the dashboard to notify caregivers on mobile and email in case of adverse events ​
  • Processed data is pushed to a BigQuery to gain insights with real-time and predictive analytics and for future reference as well ​


  • Error-free and continuous monitoring
  • Handle consumers’ medical emergencies better ​
  • Reduced latency for reacting to adverse events
  • Holistic reporting to improve company-wide visibility
  • More than 95% of adverse events are triggered in near real-time, enabling quick reaction
  • The cost of the solution went down by 40% with the use of scalable solutions on the cloud