Sparity’s partnership with the client, Nigeria’s largest Distribution Company, resulted in achieving a substantial reduction in manual testing efforts while implementing a comprehensive Full Cycle QE approach for the Enterprise Billing System, thereby enhancing application quality and improving customer experience.

ClientEnergy and UtilitiesServicesQA testing, Selenium, Python, Postman, Jira Year 2023

Key Challenges

  •  The billing and CIS (Customer Information System) is a custom application developed on the Microsoft stack, including .NET, SQL, and Angular.
  • The system is integrated with complex multiple external systems, including those for payments, prepay metering, NetSuite ERP, and customer care systems.
  • Eliminating defect leakage to production, preventing critical issues in the operational environment.
  • Ensuring prompt addressing of regression issues for system stability and reliability in the active system.




  • Executed full cycle quality engineering (QE) for billing system of Nigeria’s largest distribution company
  • Built Regression test suite to ensure a smooth transition to the new automated test system.
  • Implemented Test approach which encompassed API and database testing, as well as validation of complex workflows, to ensure seamless customer experience.
  • Sparity Developed automation scripts using Selenium (Python) to enhance testing efficiency.
  • Team Designed multiple complex test scenarios and workflows and deployed them for comprehensive testing coverage.
  • Rapid and precise execution of regression test suites.


  • Achieved an 80% reduction in manual test execution efforts.
  • Realized a 50% improvement in test coverage through selenium integration, ensuring comprehensive testing of critical functionalities.
  • Accomplished a 10% enhancement in application quality, resulting in a dependable and robust system.
  • Improved the overall customer experience through the above efforts, leading to enhanced client satisfaction and retention.