The client is a US-based e-commerce company that sells a wide range of quality products and offers a seamless online shopping experience for its customer base. Its online platform connects local stores with customers for fast delivery of products to the customer’s doorstep at affordable prices.

Sparity helped the e-commerce company address their inefficiencies in business processes, order systems, inventory, and supply chain by designing an end-to-end data management solution using Boomi iPaaS platform.

ClienteCommerceServicesData Management SolutionYear 2022

Key Challenges

  • Client had various versions of master data entities across multiple systems and needed a data integration solution to make faster decisions and improve business performance
  • Lack of collaboration, delayed business operations, and error-handling systems caused by slower legacy systems hindered their growth
  • Faced data synchronization problems due to integration issues with the ERP and CRM platforms
  • Lack of synchronization between website and warehouses led to inaccurate stock information, out of sync orders with the inventory
  • Wanted to reduce manual interventions, thereby minimizing inefficiencies and reducing the number of resources required for simple administrative tasks


  • Sparity employed Boomi and automated the supply chain and logistics tasks and harmonized their ordering process
  • Designed and built an end-to-end data management solution using Boomi iPaaS platform to integrate customers data enabling them to have one central data housing with all the master entries
  • Integrated NetSuite with Magento using Dell Boomi iPaaS platform thereby empowering the client to have a 360o view of their customer data, product availability, stock, and shipment details
  • Orchestrated the entire customer experience by integrating ERP, CRM, and other e-commerce currency exchange, and supply chain applications facilitating a seamless and transparent customer journey from placing an order to deliver the product
  • Employed NetSuite ERP to streamline supply chain management, align with the company‚Äôs CRM, and sync its website and inventory
  • Installed Boomi Molecule on On-Prem VMs & Cloud Instances to enhance load balancing and to ensure high availability for mission-critical integration processes
  • Enabling Azure Identity Management for Boomi Developer Portal to apply flow authentication restrictions
  • Implemented transformation logic using a mapping sheet to consolidate information from different data points easily


  • Enhanced the number of orders processed through the platform in real-time with 100% accuracy in website orders, timely deliveries, and fast customer service
  • Enabled availability and management of high-quality data in one central location with zero duplicates
  • Saved 175 hours a month in manual order processing
  • Reduced order-creation time to under 5 seconds from 60 seconds
  • Streamlined the order fulfillment process with real-time updates on live order tracking, Payment tracking, Real-time stock management, automate the flow of data between different systems, giving a complete picture of the order fulfillment journey
  • Significantly shortened wait time and increased the first-call resolution by 55%, and decreased development cost by around 70%
  • Enhanced collaboration with code-level API management to minimize latency and secure payments gateways