The client is into the hospitality business having hotels and restaurants across the U.S. They had multiple customer-facing applications engaging customers via web and mobile. During their new market expansion process, they wanted to develop a SaaS-based product that caters to their needs.

ClientHospitalityServicesSaaS, DevOps, CloudYear 2022

Key Challenges

  • The client intended to extend their product portfolio by launching a cloud-based application to help its customers engage via online channels​​​​​​
  • Within a set timeframe, they sought to introduce their product into several marketplaces​​
  • The client wanted to streamline code delivery with the aid of DevOps principles supported by an effective CI/CD pipeline ​​
  • The CI/CD pipeline was required to be compatible with Azure and Google Cloud platform ​ ​




  • Leveraged DevOps principles to create CI/CD pipelines to enhance the code delivery for reduced time to market​
  • Created Terraform (cloud-native) scripts for IaaS​​​​
  • Made sure that the pipelines are compatible with multiple cloud platforms ​​​
  • Executed deployments in both cloud and on-premises systems using a single procedure​​ ​
  • Used Azure DevOps for CI/CD to build, push and deploy the Docker images to Azure Container Registry
  • Leveraged Kubernetes to deploy and manage the docker instance/container​ ​


  • Reduced deployment time by 50%​​
  • Ensured faster, smaller, and safer releases into production​​
  • Increase in number of releases – by as much as 45%​​​
  • Eliminated inconsistencies and streamlined deployment process