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Cloud Strategy

To attain maximum output from cloud adoption, enterprises need to realize their potential completely. Most businesses consider cloud as a side investment or have only a few IT operations under it. They lose out on achieving monumental efficiency that comes naturally with cloud adoption.

We carve out an intricate yet robust cloud-first strategy that is aligned to your business goals. We map an integrated path that includes everything from choosing the apt cloud vendors to making the right cloud security choices.

What we do

Cloud Strategy

Current State Research

We look closely into the workload of your businesses to analyze the current IT infrastructure and applications. We revisit even the minute operations to help form a clear strategy that yields transformative results.

Cloud Strategy

Cloud Fitment Analysis

Visualizing the complete work environment enables us to provide the most favorable cloud adoption models. We consider all the possibilities among private, public or hybrid cloud, zero in on cloud types and lay out the most befitting and lucrative solutions.

Cloud Strategy

Cloud Roadmap

We come up with a cloud roadmap after rigorous security audits to ensure that your transition is smooth and unhindered from all ends. We provide options and resources to help your organization reach an optimal end-state.

How do we do it

Cloud Strategy

Cloud Vision assessment

Our team works with your staff to realize the long-term vision and assess which processes should be moved to the cloud.

Cloud Strategy

Cost Analysis

We give a detailed analysis associated with transformation to a cloud-first approach. We are committed to giving you the best ROI.
Cloud Strategy

Cloud Strategy Roadmap

The framework is manifested through a detailed roadmap stating all the elements and options needed for the cloud-first journey, achieving an agreeable state.
Cloud Strategy

Framework Development

We develop a metric-based framework that addresses concerns about cloud migration and helps you make realistic choices – like single or multi-cloud environments.

Cloud Strategy

Workload Transformation

We deploy the necessary organizational modifications and train the staff to adapt to the new working environment for maximum profits.

Case study


Interactive Patient Experience Platform

Client needs a free-to-use mobile app designed to be a digital gateway connecting consumers with their providers. Giving patients and family members complete control over their room environment with features such as lighting, blinds, temperature control, meal ordering, and personalized content and information.


No-Code Mobile App Development

Client wants to puts businesses in control by providing them with a Smart Mobile App Builder, enabling them to create their own custom app centralized around their business.


Personalize every client’s workout experience

Client is into performance tracking solution and as offerings like group training, personal training for fitness clubs, boutiques and franchisee tailored to their brand and class style features such as data management, member retention, result tracking, booking and communication.

Challenges & Solutions

Develop new
software without
cost escalations

COTS vendors spread their costs across customers, reducing TCO (total cost of ownership) for each. The ROI is also much higher as we access fitment and implement the best match.

Implement a
full-stack high
app at low cost

Most COTS solutions come with high-end features that are expensive to develop if we go the custom way. Borrowing them is prudent. We recommend COTS also because it gives you features you don’t envision now but may need in the future.

Reduce the
time-to-market as
well as the
development cycle

When you rush to develop apps, they may have bugs and testing eats into the launch time. Using a mature COTS cuts down these steps and lets you go live with quick modifications and adaptations.

Clients Speaks

When our first version was launched, it was an instant hit but soon we realised we needed a robust technology architecture to meet the customer demands. We spent numerous hours with Sparity team discussing the current limitations of our system and the long term vision. In 6 months time Sparity delivered an end - end solution from user centric design to a micr-services based architecture that is not only robust but also scalable and flexible.

Jeff Joslin
Co-founder & CEO, Bizooku

Sparity’s deep understanding of our business and their ability to help us turn our business vision and objectives into reality has made them a valued partner and an extension of our Information Technology Department. Whether working on support or new projects, Sparity always provides excellent customer service, quality development and exceptionally fast response. Their partnership provides Boxercraft with the flexibility to scale up or down as needed and provides access to a talent pool and skill level that we cannot achieve on our own. As our business changes, Sparity changes with us.

Kathy Wooten
Director - IT, Boxercraft

Sparity has been outstanding to work with and has been instrumental in getting us onboard Cloud taking care of our security posture on time and within budget. Their architects understand what we are trying to accomplish, why we are trying to accomplish it and go above and beyond to come up with creative ways to get to where we want to go.".

John Smith

Sparity has been outstanding to work with, and has been instrumental in getting us on board Cloud taking care of our security posture on time and within budget. Their architects understand what we are trying to accomplish, why we are trying to accomplish it and go above and beyond to come up with creative ways to get to where we want to go.".

Michel Rowan
Executive Director

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