Amazon Care

The recent shut down of Amazon Care shows the magnitude of the challenge in changing health care

Healthcare is too big of an industry to disrupt, and Amazon’s ambitious project Amazon Care piloted as a primary care service for its employees that blended telehealth and in-person medical services, is closing its operations after December 31, 2022. This article is an opinion piece that offers its perspective on the closure of the Amazon care service. Where the author says that, “I think that this is only the beginning rather than the end. Either Amazon or other challenger(s) will rise to upend existing incumbents” in regards to the question will the current US healthcare system change. Furthermore, it goes on to explain how the failure leads to an increase in iteration rate and higher iteration rate offers greater chances of success. Author believes that Amazon with its $ 1.3 trillion dollars in market capital, management, talent, experience, and leadership will eventually win out in the healthcare landscape.
Source: Kevin MD