16 Ways Tech Leaders

16 Ways tech leaders keep their teams up to date on industry news

Forbes Technology Council members share how they keep their teams up to date on industry news. 16 members of Forbes Technology Council detail the ways they ensure their teams stay ahead of the game in terms of new technology and trends. Create a culture of learning by ensuring your team members explore cutting-edge, relevant tech trends.

  • Hold regular meetings centered on technological advancements
  • Schedule Time for Personal and Community Projects as Well as Sabbaticals
  • Include All Teams and Address Numerous Subjects
  • Implement an “Innovation Intake” Methodology o recommendations or highlight new trends
  • Integrate Learning into Culture
  • Dedicate Communication Channels to Industry-Specific News
  • Utilize a combination of strategies to keep the technical staff informed and interested.
  • Keep in Touch with Your Clients, get feedbacks about their needs and pain points to stay ahead of the in tech game
  • Allow the team to interact with industry peers and experts from outside the organization.
  • Organize Lunch-And-Learns sessions on new tech trends
  • Inspire Team Members to have hands-on experience with Cutting-Edge Tech
  • Establish in A Training Library
  • Maintain Channels for Dynamic Instruction and Encourage Constant Participation
  • Employ gamification to gain new knowledge on various topics
  • Establish a knowledge curator

Source: Forbes