Medical IoT

Palo Alto launches medical IoT cyber security protection

In order to safeguard medical Internet of Things (IoT) devices from cyberattacks, Palo Alto Networks plans to roll out additional features and capabilities. Medical IoT Security is a new Zero Trust security solution developed by the corporation with the aim of protecting digital healthcare networks.

Zero Trust is the greatest level of cyber security, requiring all internal and external users to be authenticated, authorized, and continually validated prior to accessing applications and data. The new Palo Alto Networks Medical IoT Security leverages machine learning to help organizations deploy and manage new connected technology swiftly and securely. It can be connected with existing healthcare information management systems, such as AIMS and Epic Systems, to assist with process automation.

The solution lets users set up rules for their devices that automatically respond to security threats, such as by keeping an eye out for unusual activity and taking corrective action if necessary. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and prone-to-error manual policy formulation and makes it possible to apply the policy across multiple devices simultaneously. In addition, you may receive rapid visibility into a device’s weaknesses and risk posture, enhance compliance with rules and guidelines, and validate network segmentation.

Source: digitalhealth