data transformation

Forget digital transformation: data transformation is what you need

The founder of Eggcelerate, Stefano Maifreni, discusses why it is important for business organizations to focus on data transformation to maximize long-term value. He defines digital transformation as using new technologies to restructure an organization and its processes to improve efficiency and meet customer needs. Digital transformation initiatives can involve IT modernization, process automation, cloud technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and transforming communication with customers. Data is the cornerstone of any successful digital transformation strategy, and it is important to understand how your organization uses data to optimize data usage and apply analytics and insights to drive better business outcomes. Without a data strategy in place, your organization will likely struggle with leveraging data for digital transformation efforts.

Digital transformation is vital for businesses to restructure their processes to meet customer needs and improve efficiency. To leverage data for digital transformation efforts, organizations must understand their data sources and determine which data sources they need and where they can find them. They must also consider how to best process, analyze, and transform their data to maximize its value. Finally, they must identify which data transformation initiatives will impact their organization most and ensure they have the necessary resources and budget to make these efforts a reality. Data transformation is an entirely new way of doing things that requires organizations to come up with innovative methods for gathering data and turning unusable data sources into something valuable.

Source: information-age