AWS launches new healthcare-specific accelerator

A new accelerator tailored to the healthcare industry has been released by AWS. The Landing Zone Accelerator for Healthcare is a no-code solution that works with hundreds of AWS services and can aid in the governance of multi-account settings, making it ideal for healthcare enterprises with complicated compliance requirements. The LZA for Healthcare is a collection of configuration files tailored specifically to the requirements of hospitals and other medical institutions. The LZA for Healthcare can simplify and streamline support for healthcare compliance initiatives, saving time and resources.

The goal is to deliver a complete no-code solution covering over 35 AWS services and capabilities to administer and regulate a multi-account environment. The LZA is designed to assist clients with highly regulated workloads and complex compliance requirements. The LZA for Healthcare can assist healthcare organizations around the world in aligning security controls with prominent international frameworks such as HIPAA, Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalog, Esquema Nacional de Seguridad, National Cyber Security Centre, ISO 27001, and ISO 27002.

Source: Healthcare IT News

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