AWS Cancer moonshot

AWS Announces Intent to Accelerate Cancer Moonshot

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has made an announcement that it will be increasing its involvement with the Children’s Brain Tumor Network (CBTN). CBTN has 32 international partners with whom it shares data. The Cancer Moonshot was an initiative begun by Vice President Joe Biden. Over the next quarter century, its members hope to cut the cancer death rate in half. Academic researchers can access free biospecimens, cell-lines, clinical and molecular data, and information on diagnosis and treatment of tumors of the brain and spinal cord. Thanks to this approach of open science, researchers from all around the world can pool their resources to speed up drug discovery and build upon previous studies. Data entry and analysis for newly registered patients can be sped up using cloud-based technology, from months to near real-time. In order to accomplish this, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is using its expertise in safe semi-federated clinical data intake to provide APIs that adhere to industry standards. The machine learning and analytics capabilities provided by AWS and its partners will be used to identify previously unknown trends in specific populations of patients.

Source: hcinnovationgroup