Client is one of the leading medical device and product manufacturing companies in the U.S. which intended to have data analyzed in real time generated from devices and notify care givers in case of adverse events. We helped them with a robust data solution that monitors and alerts patient vitals in near-real-time.

ClientMedical DeviceServicesTableau, Business IntelligenceYear 2022

Key Challenges

  • They are into manufacturing and development of skin friendly turn-key solutions for advanced wound care, consumer wellness
  • They were looking to develop a cloud-based data solution for their new product to monitor glucose levels over the internet to prevent adverse effects
  • Sparity supported them in building custom data solution on Google Cloud


google cloud


  • Google BigQuery streaming API and DataFlow tools were configured to capture real-time event data from the Health care IOT Devices
  • Used Tableau to create near-real-time Dashboards using healthcare metrics to reflect the current state of a patient
  • Alerts and notifications are configured on the dashboard to notify care givers on mobile and email in case of adverse events
  • Processed data is pushed to BigQuery for future reference and analysis


  • Reduced latency for reacting to adverse events
  • More than 95% of the adverse events triggered in near real time enabling quick reaction
  • Cost of the solution went down by 40% with the use of scalable solution on cloud