Sparity helped a Biotech start-up in developing a dynamic, user-friendly sample tracking system that allows its users to easily modify workflows and functionalities, reducing the dependency on developers enabling faster innovation.

ClientBiotechServicesDataYear 2022

Key Challenges

  • The existing system was receiving multiple change requests by its users as the order of steps in a workflow differed from customer to customer.​
  • Additionally, the system was not flexible enough to accommodate new functionalities without developer intervention. This was affecting the entire lifecycle and limiting the client’s ability to scale their system. ​​
  • They needed a user-friendly platform with intuitive features such as easy-to-use buttons and workflows, visual cues and prompts, helping its users to easily navigate and use the system. ​


Net core


  • To address the inefficiencies of the existing sample tracking system, we recommended implementing a low-code platform. ​
  • This platform allowed its users like lab operators to modify the order of workflow steps and update functionalities without the need for contacting developer teams. ​
  • Implemented microservices architecture enabling the system to handle large volumes of data, transactions and stakeholders making it easier to adapt to changing business needs or traffic patterns.
  • Created self-service workflow portal using ReactJS, which allows users to create/update workflows with a focus on leveraging its capabilities for improved performance, functionality, and better user experience
  • Created backend APIs development using Python Django and Flask​ while working with databases such as PostgreSQL  ​


  • Low-code sample tracking system helped users to make changes and updates quickly, reducing delays and improving productivity. ​
  • User-friendly interface improved the flexibility for lab operators, making it easier for them to use the system and reducing the need for training.
  • Improved customer support with real-time workflow and system flexibility.​