The client required an innovative mobile app to enhance networking opportunities, facilitate business growth, and support personal development for its members. Sparity stepped in and undertook a structured approach to the design and development of the application, which caters to various membership levels, provides a range of engaging features, and integrates social media functionalities.

Client ISV
Services Mobile App Development
Year 2024

Key Objectives

Provide a platform where its members can connect, interact, and form valuable professional and personal relationships.

Offer tools and opportunities for members to promote their businesses, sell products, and form strategic partnerships.

Provide resources and programs for continuous learning and self-improvement.

Reward members for inviting new users, sharing content on social media, and participating in various activities within the application.


Our Solutions

Requirement Analysis: We conducted detailed meetings with the client to understand their vision, user needs, and technical requirements.

Architectural Design: Designed a scalable architecture using AWS to ensure high performance and future scalability.

Frontend Development: Utilizing Flutter, we developed an intuitive and responsive user interface that catered to all membership levels and provided a seamless user experience.

Backend Development: Built a scalable backend using Node.js (Express framework) and PostgreSQL, ensuring robust handling of diverse functionalities like real-time communication tools, product uploads with image processing, and a secure reward system with database transactions.

Social Media Integration: Enabled account linking with various social media platforms and developed a referral program to enhance user connectivity and engagement.

Feature Implementation: Integrated features such as e-store sales, Partnerships, business broadcast, beehive, Money Club, Vacations, and Dates, ensuring each feature was accessible based on the membership level.

Testing and Deployment: We rigorously tested the application to ensure functionality, performance, and security before deploying it on AWS.


Enhanced Networking Opportunities: Members could easily connect with each other, fostering both professional and personal relationships.

Business Growth Support: The broadcast and e-store features provided a platform for members to promote and sell their products and form strategic business alliances.

Personal Development Resources: Access to exclusive events, vacation packages, and financial growth opportunities supported members’ personal and professional development.

Engagement and Rewards: The activity meter and rewards system incentivized member engagement, encouraging active participation and community interaction.